Susan Chaney
Instructional Aide - TK


Birthday – 12/3

Favorite Candy - Salted caramel  Milk chocolate  or any milk chocolate with nuts 

Favorite Scent -Coconut

Favorite Sports Team – Go Dodgers! 

Favorite Flower – Sunflowers but I love all flowers! 

Favorite Drink – Ice tea, Gatorade, flavor water 

Favorite Snack – Nuts, cheeses, fruits 

Favorite Fruit – I love all fruit! 

Favorite Restaurant – Kitchen 747,  Cheesecake Factory, I love teriyaki 

Favorite Hobby – Camping, traveling, going to the movies  & the beach.  

Favorite Teacher School Supply – Flair pens

Favorite Places to Shop – Nordstrom, Macys, Target

Favorite Color – Teal blue