Stephanie Terrazas
Instructional Aide


Birthday – 4/13

Favorite Candy – Gummy worms, swedish fish, dark chocolate 

Favorite Scent – Cinnamon apple, fruity, fall 

Favorite Sports Team – San Jose sharks, Sacramento Republic, Giants 

Favorite Flower – Tulips or roses

Favorite Drink – Iced caramel macchiato or cold brews 

Favorite Snack – Beef jerky, Aulani energy drinks, any chips  

Favorite Fruit – Pineapple, blueberries

Favorite Restaurant – Old town pizza, Raku, Yard House 

Favorite Hobby -Trying new foods,  going on day trips 

Favorite Teacher School Supply – Gel pens, sharpies

Favorite Places to Shop – Amazon, target, Daiso, Bath and Body Works 

Favorite Color – Teal