Spirit Wear Chair or Co-chair


Takes an inventory at the beginning and end of the year of all spirit wear items (maintains a spreadsheet).  Verify the budget and obtain approval before purchasing Spirit Wear.  Coordinates with President and Treasurer to place order over the summer to sell at Back to School Night.  Oversee the process of special orders in the fall by updating order form (see example from last year), collect, tabulate, place the order with No Dinx and distribute.  Forward all invoices to Treasurer to ensure payment to vendor.  Sell spirit wear at PTC Events/Fundraisers throughout the year (as needed).  Promote sales and orders with signs, flyers, PTC newsletter, FB and website entries.  Count spirit wear money with the Treasurer and President throughout the year with the PTC cash verification sheet.  Work with VP of Volunteers/Membership to create a Sign-Up Genius to recruit volunteers if needed.