Lan Jackson
Third Grade Teacher


Birthday – 8/1

Favorite Candy – Peanut Butter Cups, Hot Tamales

Favorite Scent – Champagne Toast(Bath and body), citrus

Favorite Flower – Orchid and peonies

Favorite Drink – Pink Drink, Non-fat Vanilla latte

Favorite Fruit – Mangoes, peaches, apricots, fresh cherries

Favorite Snack – Spicy chips, dried mangoes, roasted nuts

Favorite Restaurant – Chipotle, Chef Table, Sushi Mon, Leo’s Kitchen

Favorite Sports Team – Oakland A’s

Favorite Hobby – Reading, crafting, online shopping, hiking, and baking

Favorite Teacher School Supply – Erasable pens, skinny expo markers

Favorite Places to Shop – Target, Amazon, Trader Joes