Kirsten Ratliff
Third/Fourth Grade Teacher


Birthday – March 10

Favorite Candy – Marzipan, twix, dark chocolate

Favorite Scent – Clean scents or Christmas scents (like Balsam)

Favorite Flower – Sunflowers

Favorite Drink – Caramel iced coffee or chai tea latte

Favorite Fruit – Pineapple

Favorite Snack – Goldfish, beef jerky, salty things (except for peanuts, allergic to them)

Favorite Restaurant – Sushi or Chipotle 

Favorite Sports Team – Don’t have a favorite but I enjoy Crossfit!

Favorite Hobby – Baking/decorating cakes, hiking

Favorite Teacher School Supply – Post-its, dry erase markers

Favorite Places to Shop – Costco, Trader Joe’s, Marshall’s, Home Goods