Kelly Harless
Third Grade Teacher


Birthday – 3/30

Favorite Candy – Dark Chocolate, Peanut M&Ms, Raisinets, chocolate covered nuts

Favorite Scent – Anything clean and fresh.  Floral scents are nice too.

Favorite Flower – I love ALL flowers!  

Favorite Drink – Chai Tea Latte (with soy milk) 

Favorite Fruit – I love ALL fruit – especially strawberries, mango…but nothing beats a summer peach.

Favorite Snack – Nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, popcorn, guacamole, hummus

Favorite Restaurant – Chipotle, Claim Jumper, Cheesecake Factory

Favorite Sport Team – I don’t watch sports – YIKES! I know….

Favorite Hobby – Reading, travel, hiking, online shopping 

Favorite Teacher School Supply – Fun pens and stationary

Favorite Places to Shop – Amazon,Trader Joe’s, Target