Book Fair Chair or Co-chairs


Organize and oversee the Book Fair in the Fall.  Verify the event budget and obtain approval before purchasing supplies.  Coordinate with librarian, principal and Scholastic representative to verify/schedule dates.  Request Tool Kit materials 8 weeks prior to school event. Sign up for and attend Book Fair Workshop at Scholastic prior to event (at least one chair should attend).  Responsible for promoting the event with signs, flyers, PTC newsletter, school marquee, FB and Website entries.  Lead volunteer committee meetings and assign tasks.  Work with VP of Volunteers/Membership to create a Sign-Up Genius and complete thank you notes for your event.  Give an update at General Meeting for your event month.  Complete daily money counts with PTC cash verification sheet and run daily book fair register reports.  Work with Treasurer to coordinate monetary tasks (daily counts, invoices, etc.).