Make a One Time Donation
Help us raise funds allowing support for extra supplies and materials benefitting students and staff


As a PTC, we need parents to volunteer their time and resources to reach our goals for the school. This year we plan to put on several events to unite families and only have two large fundraisers.  We will hold two additional fundraisers (book fair and gift of reading) to help fund the library.  The two large fundraisers are Run for Funds and Spring Carnival, and our goal is to raise a total of $60k to fund the following:  school assemblies, the school play, music class, the library, homework folders, the art docent program, field trip scholarships, teacher allotments, and much more.

We realize that not everyone will have the time to commit to these events or you may want to financially support the school without having to participate in fundraisers.  If this is the case we have a one-time donation option, which will allow you to “buy out” of fundraising for the school year.


  • $100.00 donation for the 1st student
  • $25.00 for each additional student

Does your employer offer gift matching for non-profit organizations? If so, for example, your $100 donation to Fiddyment Farm Elementary PTC could result in the school receiving a total of $200.  This will help us reach our fundraising goals even faster.  Please check with your employer to see if they have a gift matching program available.

Please speak with your tax consultant to determine the tax deductibility, if any, of your donation to the Fiddyment Farm Elementary PTC.

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