About Us


About Us

The Fiddyment Farm PTC and Board is a 100% volunteer organization composed of Fiddyment Farm parents just like you.

We know that you want the best for your children and being a PTC member can help you achieve that! Children learn more and have better lives when parents, school staff, students, and the community work together. PTC brings these groups together to share thoughts and ideas about programs and activities that benefit children. Our PTC provides information and resources that strengthen these relationships.


Your Contribution Last Year Funded

$12,389.94 – Instruments for music program

$10,854.12 – Chrome Cart for 3rd – 5th grade students

$5,577.02 – Library Books (for all students)

$4,800.00 – Teacher Allotment ($150 for all teachers, including PE, music, and speech)

$2,550.00 – All school assemblies (Sami’s Circuit and Touch of Understanding)

$2,000.00 – School Musical

$1,075.00 – Art Docent Materials

$1,049.00 – Piano (tuning, moving, dolly)

$1,000.00 – Homework Folders (all students)

$1,000.00 – Homework Planners (3rd – 5th grade)

$700.00 – Teacher/Staff Appreciation events throughout the year

$700.00 – P.E. Incentives (feet necklaces for 1st – 5th grades)

$400.00 – Peer Helpers & Safety Patrol

$370.00 – Field Trip Scholarships

$500.00 – Copy paper for PTC

$3,100.00 – PTC Admin (supplies, bank and credit card fees, returned check fees, insurance, taxes, charitable trust filings, website hosting, licenses, end of the year chair thank you event)